What is the Representative Assembly?

The Representative Assembly (RA) is a meeting which is the highest decision making body at the Social Sciences Student Union. This assembly operates similarly to a parliament in representing all the members of the student union. This spring the RA will discuss several pressing issues for the student union including: election the new board and other positions of trusts, discussing changes to the statues and take a stand on motions. The whole meeting will be held in english.

Time to send in your candidature

March the 3rd til the 17th!

Anyone who is a member of the Social Sciences Student Union at Lund University can run for a spot in the RA. you send in your candidature by filling out our form. 


a friend!

Do you know a Social Science Student Union member who'd make a great candidate for the RA? Nominate them by filling out the form and we'll contact them shortly!

Candidates are anounced

25th of March

Once all candidatures are collected, the candidates  will be presented  on this website


April 1st til 10th

All members of the Social Sciences Student Union can vote in the election through the website. 

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