Why Should I Run?

Influence Your Student Union

The Representative Assembly is the student union's highest decision making body, meaning it's where the most important things are decided upon. Being in the RA gives you the chance to influence the student union's student political stances as well as organizational priorities. If you get elected, you represent your own and your fellow students opinions in shaping the future of the Social Sciences Student Union.

Gain a Valuable Experience

The Representative Assembly is an amazing opportunity for increasing your employability. Through this position you will gain valuable, working experience with organisational and statutory development, regulatory experience and other formalities. These areas will help you understand board work to a greater extent and allow you greater access into these fields in the future.

Meet New People

On the social side, you will be invited to a kick off for the elected members and alternates. You will be interacting and coordinating with a group of people to come to decision which will both enhance your cooperation skills and give you new friends! Furthermore, you will get a premier access to the Social Sciences Student Union's ball in March for you and a friend, where you can reconnect with your friends from the RA.



Such a good

way to learn how these types of meetings work, good way of preparing ourselves for our meetings

Fun! Nice to get to know new people and learnt a lot!

Great experience! I learned a lot and will probably candidate again!

Perks of Being in the RA

What Do I Actually Need to Do?

Attend the Meeting

As part of the RA your work your main work load will occur over one weekend in which you will attend the fall meeting. This meeting is estimated to take the whole weekend.

Read the Documents

Prepare Yourself

Before the meeting, reading over the proposals and other documents will part of the preparation. These will be sent out 10 business days before the meeting takes place.

You can also attend preparatory meetings designed to help prepare you for the work, and the kick-off to get to know the other members. These meetings are optional but recommended.


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