The Meeting

As part of the RA your work your main work load will occur over one weekend in which you will attend the fall meeting (1-2 December). This meeting is estimated to take 7 hours of Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday (with sleep in time), but this might change.

During the meeting, there will be formalities, discussions and decisions.


The formalities includes elected a meeting presidium, approving the call of the meeting, approving the agenda, electing protocol signers and vote counters.


The discussions will focus on the issues raised in the agenda. Discussions can be held in the form of smaller committees forming during the meeting, an opinion square being organized or discussions in the big group of all 31 members and present alternates. This will be more clear ones the meeting is approaching.


The decisions are made on the issues agenda, with certain rules applied. The rules can be majority vote, qualified majority, absolute majority or elections. You will learn about these rules and how they are used during the meeting and the preparatory meetings that are held beforehand.