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Candidation period

5-19th March


3-13th April


Candidate for the

Representative Assembly


What is tha RA?

What is the Representative Assembly?

The Representative Assembly (RA) is a meeting which is the highest decision making body at the Social Sciences Student Union. This assembly operates similarly to a parliament in representing all the members of the student union. This spring the RA will discuss several pressing issues for the student union including: election the new board and other positions of trusts, discussing changes to the statues and take a stand on motions. The whole meeting will be held in english.

The Election

The Election

The election opens on April 3th and closes on April 13th. In it, all ordinary members of the Social Sciences Student Union can vote electronically for five candidates each. The 31 candidates with the most votes become ordinary members of the Representative Assembly. The 11 people following that becomes alternate members. 

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