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Karolina Boyoli


My name is Karolina Boyoli. I am 23 years old and I am originally from Stockholm. I have studied in Lund since the fall of 2016. I am majoring in Political science but have also studied Media and communications for two semesters and Peace and conflict studies for one semester.

I want our union to:
- Increase representation in the parts of the union where representation is weak. - Become more attractive to members and especially new members so that more people become active.
- Keep creating bigger social events so that all union members have a chance to meet and socialize to create a greater union spirit.
- Be proud of our old traditions as well as creating new ones such as a ball and a novice period, and that these events have equality groups working towards inclusiveness so that all members feel that they are included and want to participate.

I see my educational background as an important part of my candidacy. I have the experience of studying a subject with a programme association (Political science and Peace and conflict studies with LUPEF as the programme association). As well as Media and communication that doesn't have a programme association or section and has weak representation in regards to student representatives. My previous experiences gives me the chance to experience different parts of the education that the student union represents and therefore I will both represent students from LUPEF as well as freestanding courses where representation is weak. During my time in Lund I have been an active member of both the programme association LUPEF and the Social Sciences Student Union. I am currently the president of LUPEF and for the Social Sciences Student Union I have been a member of the previous two Representative Assemblies, been an active part of the study council at the department of Political science, been a student representative as well as head of communications for the unions mentorship programme. These experiences give me a solid base for another round in the Representative Assembly.

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