Meet your candidates!

The election is open 18 - 29th October 2021

1630351451183 - Majbritt Lindholt Stenbøg.jpeg

Majbritt Lindholt Stenbøg

Graduate School

As a new student at Lund, I have just departed from a small university in Denmark, where there were no students representing our wishes for change, policies or even our rights. Evidently, the students weren't heard, and what it has taught me is how important a representative assembly can be and are for students. Therefore, I want to take part in making decisions for a better change.

IMG_20210725_113911 - Richard Zhou.jpg

Richard Zhou

Department of Political Sciences

I'm Richard. I'm on my second year of Bachelor in Development Studies. I have been an active member in the student union since the beginning of my student life in Lund, as I was a member of event committee, a member of Representative Assembly for both semesters and a mentor for this semester's novice period. I believe I can still do my job well in this RA and help Sam to solve problems about our faculty!

jag - Fideli Almgren.jpg

Fideli Almgren

Department of Psychology


My name is Fideli and I am a 21-year-old psychology student who is currently studying my third year. I got engaged in the Social Sciences Student Union for the first time at the start of this semester as a mentor in the novice period, and fell in love with the union. It was so much fun to be a vital part of something like that and meet all the novices, mentors, and other people at the union. Therefore I now wish to candidate for the Representative Assembly because I really want to be more engaged in the Social Sciences Student Union and I feel like I have lots to contribute to it.

Solidarity forever! <3

597836445 - Y T.jpg

Yuqi Tu

Department of Political Sciences, Department of Sociology, School of Social Work and Graduate School

I was a student rep for my programme a couple of years ago. I also attended the Representative Assembly once. I found it utterly empowering and meaningful. I wasn't going to candidate for the RA this year initially, since I think participating in the RA is a very fruitful experience and I shall save it for others. However, after experiencing housing difficulty and other rather tricky problems, I decided to run. I believe I have some insights that could be different from others would bring to the RA. Besides, I think the participation rate of Master students is relatively lower than undergraduates. Yet I do think it's important for us to have a say in the student decision body.      Besides what has been said above, I'm a returning student of Welfare Policies and Management master programme. And I'm excited to contribute to the RA this year!

DONK3677 - Bonnie Tallberg.jpeg

Bonnie Tallberg

Graduate School

My name is Bonnie and I am currently studying my first semester of the Master program in Global Studies. I wish to candidate for the Representative Assembly as I think it is important for us students to take part in student matters and to actively help and influence the Union to make it as good as we can for all students. I have been an active member in Samhällsvetarkåren since I started studying at Lund University, and was student representative in the Bachelor's in Development Studies Steering group and the Human Geography Department Board throughout my undergraduate studies. I have also experiences from being co-education director at the PLUTO section and was elected chairperson of the Education Committee at the Union at the RA during fall 2020. I believe that these experiences and the knowledge I have gained on student rights, prospects and issues will enable me to represent the students of the Union in a competent and fair way in the RA. I hope to be given the opportunity to be part of the RA once again as it is an experience and possibility that I will both honor and enjoy!

Louise Ahlström 1 - Louise Ahlström.jpg

Louise Ahlström

Department of Political Sciences

Hi everyone! I just started my masters here in political science after doing my bachelor at Linnaeus University. Between the two I sat as a full-timer at the student union (at LNU) as responsible for educational matters. Due to that I am involved in matters for unions and what can be important questions for the many. Coming from another university I see this university from a different perspective which I believe will be useful in the representative assembly.

20210529_143703 - Rebecka Meyer.jpg

Rebecka Meyer

Department of Sociology

Hey everyone!

My name is Rebecka, I'm 22 years old and in my second year of my Criminology bachelor. I've been active in the union previously as part of the election committee and more recently as a mentor for the novice period. I'm candidating for RA because I have some insight in both how the union works and how it presents itself to others and I'd like to get more involved in the process and contribute with my perspectives.

4CE76371-9079-47CA-9BF6-1A6DF3ED9718 - 온리워니 Onlywoni.jpeg

Heewon You

Department of Political Sciences

Hello, I'm Heewon You from South Korea currently studying master program in Welfare Policies and Management at Lund University. I've been highly interested in policy making and my dream career is a government policy researcher, making and modifying social policies. Therefore, I would love to be a representative assembly in social science student union and actively involve in decision making process for social science department. I was a member of Academy of Social Welfare Policies and had an experience of being representative of social work program during my bachelor. I'm confident to speak up on the behalf of students and work to create better conditions for students' lives.

inbound1369574292650959618 - Alva Ericson.jpg

Alva Ericson

Department of Political Sciences

Hej! My name Alva and I candidate to become a member for the fall RA. I'm currently studying a master in political science. I've been an active member in the union as a student representative and through SAMarbete 2021's project group. I now want to become involved with the RA and decide the future for the union's work. Areas I find important is quality of education, our studies connection to the labour market and incorporation of sustainability. If elected I'll voice opinions for this and for Samhällsvetarekåren to be a union where all students feel represented!

Daniella Andersson 3b beskärd - Daniella Andersson.jpg

Daniella Andersson

Department of Sociology, Department of Political Sciences

I have been active in the Student Union since fall 2019, as head of organisation relations at Samarbete, as a board member and most recently a mentor. With this experience I believe I have a good understanding both of the general perception of the Student Union and where improvement is needed as well as the internal organisation and what can be done in practice. The reason I am candidating to the RA is my passion for making the Student Union even better by making it easier for students to participate and engage with their education and Student Union.

IMG-20210601-WA0008 - laurine palomba.jpg

Laurine Palomba

Department of Sociology

I'm currently studying in my first year of Master in Social Anthropology, part of the department of Sociology. As part of the Representative Assembly, I would like to raise the voice of all students to make our university a better place for studying and growing up. Because what would be a university without its students?

BlackAndWhite - Michal Nowak.png

Michal Nowak

Department of Psychology

My name is Michal Nowak, currently a psychology student but having previously studied both physics and mathematics. I believe that by having interdisciplinary experience I can (hopefully) see the topics discussed at the assembly in a different light compared to the other representatives. Having previously been an elected representative in a student organization, I am familiar with the inner workings and demands of such a commitment.

The opportunity to affect the direction in which the union will move, by participating in the assembly, is both an exciting challenge and opportunity. Opportunity to make the union an even greater place than it already is!

IMG_0558 - Hanna Bergman.JPG

Paschal Okuji

Department of Sociology

My name is Paschal Lucky Okuji, a second year masters degree student studying sociology. "A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible”. Last year after being elected during the first session, I demonstrated what is possible with my determination, drive and passion, working for huge improvements for especially international students and their participation. Now with the experience I have acquired and great depth of understanding about being a better representative and achieving results, I will continue demonstrating what is possible as your representative and drive forward improvements that YOU want to see!

244305014_219760530216483_2222733972212457347_n - Alice.jpeg

Alice Petersson

Department of Human Geography

Hi! I'm Alice, a human geography and urban planning student. Students in the social science faculty are future central actors in our contemporary challenges: from climate change and inequality to development and what the future world of technology will mean for society and the environment. In this regard, I believe that the Social Science Student Union has a central role in the university as well as in the world.