Meet your candidates!

The election is open 1 - 9th April 2021

Richard Zhou

Department of Human geography, Department of Sociology

Hello everybody, I'm Richard and I'm in my first year of Development Studies in Bachelor. I'm currently a member of Event Committee of Samhällsvetarkåren and I was part of Representative Assembly in last semester. I believe in last 8 months, I have gained enough experience to help solving problems for the student union and advocate for the interest of people from our department, and I'm looking forward to have this opportunity once again!

Isabel Gråby

Department of Political sciences

Hi everyone!

My name is Isabel and I would be very happy to be your representative at the RA this spring! I was part of the RA last spring and thought it was very interesting and fun, and I also think it is very important. This is one of the ways students can influence their education and make it better. I am also currently involved in the Student Union as Vice Labour Market Coordinator and I was also mentor last fall. Inclusivity, equality and sustainability are areas I think are very important and I always keep these things in mind when working with the Student Union.

Thank you!

Oskar Kindberg

Department of Political science, Department of Sociology, School of Social work


My name is Oskar Kindberg and I am running to be a member of the Representative Assembly (RA). I am currently studying my last semester of the international and interdisciplinary masters programme in Welfare Policies and Management. With this candidacy, I am, for the last time, asking for your confidence and vote.

I have been a member of the RA since 2016, with the exception of the fiscal year of 2017/2018 when I was the student union's Vice president, and I think that being part of the RA is one of the most fun things to do. I hope that my experience from the student union will be useful in the discussion and when we are making decisions on the important matters that are at hand for this semester's meeting.

Cassidy Cheshire

Department of Psychology

Hello! I'm Cassidy, from the U.S. and I studied a double bachelor's degree in musical theatre and psychology in Florida, and am in my first year of my Masters program here. Within this time I have fallen absolutely in love with Lund and with Sweden. I wish to candidate for the Representative Assembly because the most influential moments for me thus far have been spent listening to other people's perspectives from all over the world and different backgrounds. I believe I have a valuable perspective to share from my own educational background and experiences, as well as a strong desire to learn and discuss more about the best way to do things in Academia and in this Union. I have been involved with the Union as early as September and have loved every second of it so being a part of the Representative Assembly would be an honor.

Bonnie Tallberg

Department of Human geography, Department of Political sciences

My name is Bonnie and I am currently studying the final semester of the Bachelor's programme in Development Studies (BIDS), with a major in Political Science. I wish to candidate for the Representative Assembly as I think it is important for us students to take part in student matters and to actively help and influence the Union to make it as good as we can for all students. I have been an active member of Samhällsvetarkåren since I started studying at Lund University, and is currently student representative in the BIDS Steering group and the Human Geography Department Board. I am also co-education director at the PLUTO section and was elected chairperson of the Education Committee at the Union at the RA fall 2020. I believe that these experiences and the knowledge I have gained on student rights, prospects and issues will enable me to represent the students of the Union in a competent and fair way in the RA. I hope to be given the opportunity to be part of the RA once again as it is an experience and possibility that I will both honor and enjoy!

Maria Posth

Department of Political sciences

Hi! My name is Maria and I am studying my last semester in my Bachelor in Peace and Conflict studies. I think the work done during the Representative Assembly is extremely important and I think it would be very fun to be a part of. Therefore I would love to be your representative in the Representative Assembly this spring. One issue that I believe is important is to extend the amount of study areas at the Faculty of Social Sciences and I am also keen to always have the focus of sustainability in the work that I do. I am currently involved in the Student Union as a Student Represenative and I was also a mentor last fall, both of which have been very fun. Have a lovely day!

Fanny Nilsson

Department of Strategic communications

My name is Fanny Nilsson and I'm currently a student in strategic communication and digital media. I became active in the union this fall in the communication committee, where I later became the vice project leader. I think that the work with the union is very fun and developing for me as a person, and I want to be a part of the RA both to gain experience of it and to be able to influence and develop the union in the best possible direction.

Hata Kujrakovic

Department of Political sciences

Hi there!

My name is Hata and I am a master student in European Affairs program. By participating in the last Representative Assembly and by being a member of the Samhällsvetarbalen organizing committee, I've got to know more about the work of our Student Union and realized the importance of an active engagement in student affairs. Social Sciences Student Union exists to represent us, the students, and participating in RA is a great way to work on creating a better environment and to contribute to a positive change.


I would be honored if you would vote for me and grant me the opportunity to work on the improvement of student life and to represent our interests in the spring RA.

Viktor Sundt

Department of Political science

Dear members of the Social Sciences Student Union,


The best weekend of the year is soon upon us, namely the Representative Assembly. I have been a member of the RA for the past three semesters and am once again seeking your trust. The Representative Assembly is the most important organ of the union, the foundation of the union's legitimacy. I want to be a part of making well-founded decisions for the union’s future, and make sure that the strategies and activities of the union are democratically anchored among its members.


I am the kind of person who really enjoys formal meetings of this kind. Therefore, in me you can expect an enthusiastic and well-prepared representative, who will be thinking hard and critically about all the decisions to be made by the RA.


This time, the RA meeting will be especially exciting, as we are about to discuss and (eventually) adopt a new, revised Opinion Program, which is the basis for all political work conducted by our student representatives. Having worked as a student representative during 2019–2020 and study council chairperson since VT 2020, I am passionate about being part of this important decision-making process.


In the RA, I will push especially for the adoption of a politics surrounding course evaluations and how they should be conducted, for the union to make strong demands regarding the university’s work with climate change and sustainable development, and for the union to continue its work with improving our visibility and approachability towards all students at the faculty of Social Sciences.


Happy RA elections!


Sanela Lulic

Department of Psychology, Department of Political science

I've been apart of the student union for a while now. I started being active through SAMarbete, then I went on to be a student representative, after that I was a fulltimer during the fiscal year of 19/20. I was the vice president responsible for general university matters. I've also been apart of the RA previously. I am currently a student representative at the deparment of political science, at the faculty and at the university. I'm candidating to be apart of the RA again due to two main reasons. 1; I want to bring my experience and knowledge from my time as a fulltimer and a student representative at different levels (from a department level to an university level) and help guide the student union in a direction that our members need and want. And secondly, I think being in the RA is so much fun and would love to get the opportunity to do it again.

Linnea Engberg

Department of Political science, Department of Sociology, School of Social work

My name is Linnea and I’m studying a MSc in Welfare Policies and Management. I have been an active member of the Social Sciences Student Union for over two years now, mostly involved in the communication- and ball committee. This year I want to take the opportunity to influence the student union on a deeper level and candidate for the Representative Assembly. I believe that student engagement is very important, and the RA is a great way to promote students’ voices. Before I graduate, I hope to make a positive impact on students’ lives by being a part of the RA.