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Miriam Rupp

Department of Gender studies, Department of Sociology

I am studying a double Bachelor in gender studies and sociology at Lund University (including organizational sociologi). Its my 3rd year in Lund, and it would be a great and fun experience to be involved and plan how the organization should be run and which educational issues should be prioritized in the Social Sciences student Union! It would be an honor to be able to make a difference and improve the organisation!

Dominika Urhová

Department of Human geography

I am currently studying my third year of Bachelor in Development studies. For the past two years I have been an active member of the Social Sciences Student Union. I had a role of student representative for equality and equal opportunity as well as health and safety. Furthermore, I was part of the study councils and I just got accepted as a host manager for SAMarbete 2020/2021 project group. I would like to candidate for the Representative Assembly as I believe it is important that students have a say in important decision-making. Also, I am confident that by now I have a good sense of how the Student union works and I would like to be actively engage in the Student union's decision making. I have already been selected for the Representative Assembly in my first year, however, due to personal reasons I did not have the chance to attend.

Maria Viladegut

Department of Human geography

Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I'm currently in the last year of my bachelor in Development Studies. As a social science student, I'm eager to participate in the RA and be part of the process of building up an even better student union. I believe that being involved in the RA is a great chance to get acquainted with all the matters that need to be discussed to make all students feel happy in the university environment. As I participated in the RA last year, I know all the processes concerning it. Therefore, I would be very excited to be part of it again and learn even more from this experience. Thank you!

Linda Sebbas

Department of Human geography

I believe that the representative assembly offers an important opportunity for the students at LU to take part in decision making processes that highly impact them. I would appreciate the opportunity to be a representative for my fellow students during the RA!

Hanqin Sang

Department of Human geography

(^∀^)Hi, I'm a student who studies development program in human geography development, I feel very happy about I can become a candidate for RA, I hope that in the new year, I will continue to participate in conferences and activities with optimism and enthusiasm and help all alumni, every students study in lund, to have and enjoy happy campus lifes in the following period, whether online or offline :D

Alva Damberg

Department of Human geography

Hi! My name is Alva and I'm in my last year of the Bachelor in Development Studies here at Lund University. I would like to candidate for the Representative Assembly this year since I think that it is fun to take part in it and because I'm engaged in student matters. I took part of the RA last year, and I have also been the President of PLUTO, the interdiciplinary sector of the Social Sciences Union, and I therefore believe that I have an insight and understanding of the process and would be a good candidate.

Sofia Clash

Department of Human geography

My name is Sofia and I am a third year student in the Bachelor in Development Studies program! I want to be part of the RA because I want to be able to directly influence my and my fellow students' education. When I participated in the RA last fall, it was a great experience that allowed me to gain better insights into the inner working of the student union as well as involve myself in the decision making process. As a student representative for my program, being involved in the RA will allow me to better communicate the needs of the students to teachers and professors as well as gather ideas from students in other departments to present and discuss during the steering group meetings that could improve both the program itself as well as the delivery of education to meet student needs.

Ella Alfredsson Jofs

Department of Human geography

My name is Ella and I’m a third-year student in the Bachelor in Development Studies program. I want to be a part of the Representative Assembly this year because it is a wonderful opportunity to directly influence the student union and our education. I’ve had little opportunity to be actively engaged in the student union previously; so I would love to get the chance to be more involved as well as gain insights into the decision making processes that are so crucial to facilitating the best possible education and university experience for the students at Lund University.

Lærke Salhauge-Rasmussen

Department of Human geography

My name is Lærke and I am in my third year in the Bachelor in Development Studies Program. I am candidating for the Representatives Assembly because I would like to be actively involved in decisions regarding our education at the Faculty of Social Sciences. I participated in the RA last fall and it was a very rewarding experience where I learned a lot that I hope I can bring to this semester’s RA. I am also a student representative for my program this year and I have previously been active in the Pluto Section of the Social Sciences Student Union so I hope that I can contribute to the RA with what I have learned from these positions.

Axel Fégeant

Department of Human geography, Department of Political science

As a student myself, I would like to have an impact on the student life of both my peers and myself. As a President and board member of two other student committees, one of them being the Bachelor In Development Studies Organisation, I would like to continue working for a better student environment with the students of the Social Science Faculty. Being a student of an international program further gives me the privilege of representing an international perspective on matters pertaining to our education. I want to be part of the RA to enhance my knowledge and understanding of student issues, and discuss ways of handling them.

Bonnie Tallberg

Department of Human geography, Department of Political science

My name is Bonnie and I am currently studying the final year of the Bachelor's programme in Development Studies (BIDS), with a major in Political Science. I wish to candidate for the Representative Assembly as I think it is important for us students to take part in student matters and to actively help and influence the board and full-time workers of the Union to make it as good as we can for all students. I have been an active member of Samhällsvetarkåren since I started studying at Lund University, and is currently student representative in the BIDS Steering group and the Human Geography Department Board. I was previously on the board of the PLUTO section and had the opportunity to be one of the elected members of the RA last fall. I believe that these experiences and the knowledge I gained on student rights, prospects and issues will enable me to represent the students of the Union in a competent and fair way in the RA. I hope to be given the opportunity to be part of the RA once again as it is an experience and possibility that I will both honor and enjoy!

Agnieszka Gryz

Department of Human geography, Department of Political science

Hiya! My name is Agnieszka and I’m a second-year student of Development Studies majoring in Political Science. Before commencing my studies in Lund, I had graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy and interned for Polish Humanitarian Action and Harvard Business Review Poland. In 2019 I became involved in Youth Climate Movement (also known as YOUNGO - Children and Youth Constituency to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), as a result of which I co-organized the first youth climate conference in Poland (LCOY) and participated in the UN Climate Change Conference COP25. This year, in addition to my studies,


I’m also the Editor-in-Chief of The Perspective Magazine (issued by UPF Lund), and a förmän at Östgöta Nation. But fear not - juggling responsibilities is my cardio, and that’s precisely why I’m applying to Samhällsvetarkåren's Representative Assembly. Despite being active in other student entities, being part of the RA would constitute my first steps within Samvetet. Receiving a nomination was completely unexpected, but needless to say, I’m excited!


PS I’m an avid fan of The Office (watch out for references), traveling (the more randomly, the better!), multitasking, and chugging black coffee.

Richard Zhou

Department of Human geography, Department of Sociology

My name is Richard, I'm 19 and this is my first year of my university life. I'm studying Development Studies(aka BIDS) and I hope one day, I can work in some international organization or government agency and use the knowledge I learned to solve the problems that became obstacles on the progress of humanity. And I believe by joining RA and becoming part of the decision group, I'll get the opportunity to experience what might become my daily work environment in future and understand the functions and operation of organizations like Samhällsvetarkåren, and use my position to help the union in some important matters and decisions and other students in my department.

Elin Sandberg

Department of Political science

I am a student representative in the department board of political science and in the steering group for bachelor’s in politics and economics. I am passionate about student affairs and politics and look forward to safeguard students’ rights and interests in discussions, planning and decision making in the student union and beyond. My ambition is to empower more students to make their voices heard, to facilitate students’ influence in democratic processes and promote diversity and equality issues in education and academia.

Danial Sohail

Department of Political science

A vote for me is a vote for you! Do you want to have the best experience as possible without having to spend big bucks? Do you want not to have to worry about anything while just focusing on your education and your future? I'm Danial, and I am presenting my candidate to represent you at the Representative Assembly. At the moment, I'm studying Politics & Economics (Politices kandidatprogrammet) as well as being the student representative for the program. My greatest interest is to improve the educational matters and the student life experience for all of us. A vote for me will be a vote for your rights, health, and better student experience. For example, I want a change in the prices at the cafeteria, which is too expensive for students.


Further, if you want any changes or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, so that I can help you in the best way possible: da8688so-s@student.lu.se. I look forward to representing you!

Yours sincerely, Danial

Viktor Sundt

Department of Political science

Dear members of the Social Sciences Student Union,


I have been a member of the Representative Assembly for the past two semesters and am once again seeking your trust. The Representative Assembly is the most important organ of the union, the foundation of the union's legitimacy. I want to be a part of making well-founded decisions for the union’s future, and make sure that the strategies and activities of the union are democratically anchored among its members.


Why? Because I think it's loads of fun!


I am ”that guy” who really enjoys general meetings. Therefore, in me you can expect a Representative who is well-prepared and engaged all-throughout the meeting. Because I love the union, I will be thinking hard and critically about all the decisions we make. It is important that the interests of ALL students at our faculty are front of mind when we make decisions in the RA.


Aïcha Chabbi

Department of Political science

Hi! My name is Aïcha. I am a third year Bachelor Student in Development, currently majoring in political science. I have lived in Lund for the past two years and would love to be part of the Representative Assembly this term. I believe that being a member of the Representative Assembly for the Social Science Student Union is a good opportunity to be engaged in the student life and a great chance to shape a better environment for us in Lund. I'm really motivated and excited for it and would be very honored to be part of the Assembly this year!!

Oskar Kindberg

Department of Political science, Department of Sociology, School of Social work



My name is Oskar and I am once again asking for your trust and confidence to represent you in the student union's representative assembly. I am a student of the interdisciplinary masters programme in Welfare Policies and Management, shared between the three departments of Political Science, Social Work and Sociology.


I have previously held a number of different positions in the student union since I first became an active member in 2016, among them vice president with responsibility of student welfare matters in 2017/2018 as well as serving five semesters in the representative assembly. I hope that I can contribute with my experience to make sure that the decisions made by the representative assembly are responsible, strategic, and of gain for students of our faculty for many years to come.


This semester, two important issues will be raised at the RA-meeting that I find certainly interesting and important, and I think that my experience will be specifically useful in these, one regards the past, and the other the future. The first is the report of the last fiscal year's finances, where it is important for us students to make sure that our money has been used in a thoughtful, efficient and responsible way already in the beginning of the difficult times where most of our operations had to stop due to the pandemic. The second is the possible proposition that the board will leave on the representative assembly's table as an effect of the internal investigation that the representative assembly urged the board to issue over the summer. The investigation's report contains suggestions and ideas that, this far, the ordinary member of the student union is unaware of. Neither the investigation, when conducting their work, nor the board, to this day, has involved the members in the single most important issue when it comes to the structure and inner workings of our student union's future. In my opinion, this shows the importance of responsibility and accountability in the representative assembly and I want to make sure that any decisions made that regards this matter is seriously of gain of the members of our student union and that decisions that need more time is sent back to the board.


I hope that I have been able to show that I am worth one of your votes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Hata Kujrakovic

Department of Political science

Hi there! Representing students' interests, making our voice heard and generating an impetus for a positive change are the main reasons for my candidacy for the Representative Assembly. As someone who is working with a marginalized group of people, namely people with hearing impairments, I am very passionate about and committed to making our society more inclusive. Also, working in the Student Parliament during my BA studies taught me that there is always room and a way for the improvement of our student life, which I will be devoted to. If you decide to vote for me, I will do my best to try and make the academic environment and studying experience more rewarding and fulfilling.

Sanela Lulic

Department of Political science, Department of Psychology

I have been active in the student Union for about 3 years now, I’ve also had the pleasure to be Vice President of our student union. I am candidating to be in the RA to help represent the voices of both the psychology students and the students at political science, as I am a student within both subjects. I would love to be able to bring the experience from my years active, from my experience at the faculty and the university, and help in moving our student union forward.

Johanna Malmström

Department of Psychology

Hi! My name is Johanna and I’m at my fourth year at the psychology programe. I’ve been active in the union before, both in the RA and some other positions, and thereby know how the union works and I want it to develop in a positive way. I also think it’s important that the psychology students are represented in the RA. These are my two main reasons for candidating to this semester's RA.

Alice O'Donnell

Department of Psychology

Hey, I am Alice! I am now studying Swedish but my home faculty is Psychology. I want to be a member of the RA because I think as an international masters level student and a previous full timer at Samhällsvetarkåren I have the skills and knowledge to represent for our diverse student body. My main areas of interest are equality issues and internal structure.

Angelica Forsell

School of social work

I have been a part of the RA for 4 terms now and I really appreciate the chance to have a big influence on how the social science union should work. As the president for the socionomsektionen I also feel a big responsible to be a part of the highest decision making body so I can represent the interest from the social work students.

Christina Nilsson

School of social work

My name is Christina Nilsson and I’m currently studying my fifth term at the social work program. I am one of those students who love the student life, I am currently a cashier for the social work student section as well as a foreman at Lund’s Nation. I have been a mentor four times during my five terms. I think it’s important to be aware of what’s happening and give students the best time here possible both when it comes to the student life but also education. Therefore, I hope you feel like I am able to represent you regardless if you are only here to attend your classes or if you want the best of both worlds (student life and studies). I attended the last RA and would feel privileged to be able to attend it again.

Isabelle Andersson

School of social work

I'm on my very last semester in Lund, writing my master thesis in social work. After finishing a bachelor in social work (socionomexamen) I wanted to continue my studies and decided to start a master in social work. During my bachelor degree I was part of the Social work section almost every semester, including becoming president my second semester in Lund. In the last years I've been more involved in the student union's work, I was part of the ball committee for 2019's ball och have also been part of the RA two times.


I want to candidate for the RA because I believe it's an important opportunity to make student's voices heard. As a student part of the school of social work I've noticed how we have become more active in the union during the last years and I think it's important that we continue to be part of the union's work even though we have our own section.

Elsa Ågren

School of social work

Hi everyone! I have been a part of the RA ones before and would like to be a part of the RA again for several reasons. For one, it's a lot of fun! You get to meet lots of really nice people that you can hang out with during the breaks. Further more, you learn a lot about the organisation of the union and the whole university and you get the chance to effect the work the union does. I also think that the School of social work needs more representation in the union and the decision making, so here we go! :)


Fanny Björck

School of social work


My name is Fanny and I am currently on my third semester on the social work programme. Lunds university is great and I am grateful to be here but I think that sometimes the well known, very old universities can rely on their old reputations without trying to evolve as much as other universities. Active students make a huge difference and I recently realised that I could be a part of that. If we don't share our opinions, the change that we want will never come. Thats why I wish to candidate for the representative assembly!

Magda Oparowska

Department of Service management and service studies

My name is Magda and I'm currently studying service management and logistics. I like meeting new people and discussing tv-series.  I want to candidate for the Representative Assembly because I believe that every vote counts and getting involved in a union allows for a unique chance to influence the student union and make positive changes. I'm an eager and driven person who's ready to express my ideas and thoughts, of which I have many to share.contribute with new ideas and discussions that would impact and improve the student union. This is mainly since I firmly believe that in order for change to happen you must engage yourself, but you must also listen to other people and encourage them and their ideas

Elizabeth Hythova

Department of Sociology

My name is Eli, my pronouns are they/them, I'm 21, from Czechia, and I'm studying the Masters of Sociology programme. I have been nominated by someone to join the RA, which has encouraged me to candidate. It would be a valuable experience for me in terms of future employability, but also to gain new key skills, meet new people, and see what official meetings and preparations for them look like. The work the Social Sciences Student Union does is amazing, and I would enjoy taking part in deciding which events to organise, overseeing the quality of student rights and improving the student experience for everyone in the Social Sciences Department. I think it's important to monitor everyone's satisfaction with their studies and try to combat individual concerns, especially during COVID-19 when students may be struggling with the deliverance of online lectures. I would personally like to bring into the Union a focus on inclusivity, intersectionality and awareness of LGBTQ+, POC and mental health matters, perhaps in the form of flyers/posters, workshops or events for different Awareness Weeks or commemoration of important personalities or dates. I think this would make students feel more comfortable and welcomed during their studies, and although I know this is no place for activism, raising awareness is always important. Representing students of the Social Sciences Department and shaping the future of the Social Sciences Student Union would be an unforgettable and meaningful experience for me.

Paschal Okuji

Department of Sociology

As a recipient of the prestigious Swedish institute scholarship for Global professionals , that says a lot about my leadership and work experience, I have the passion and commitment to serve and bring about positive change

John Espling

Department of Sociology

Hello! My name us John and I am a confused artist studying social anthropology. The concerns that are very important to me are those of inclusiveness, clarity and fairness, and if you vote for me as a representative I will endeavour to work against arbitrary ir unjust hierarchies. I am wildly unqualified and idealistic.

Ismar Didic

Department of Sociology of law

My name is Ismar and I'm currently studying a Master's in Sociology of Law. I have a Bachelor's degree in Human Rights Studies, also from Lund University, and I'm working as a writer and illustrator in my spare time. The reason that I felt that I wanted to accept my nomination and run as a candidate, was because I was excited to work closer with my Student Union and get the opportunity to influence and make decisions based on my previous experience from other faculties. Based on my experience working as a Student ambassador for Lund University, and having gained the understanding of what current and potential students are interested in, I believe that I can be a reliable and sufficient part for the Representative Assembly.

Sean Zaroff

Department of Sociology of law

Well you can call me Sean (Sean Zaroff), currently as a student at social science faculty, I do have a HR/ Training & Legal background, I possess a double honours degree in English Law from one of the top British Universities - (University of London) and Strategic Business Management (from an American university), and I’ve been a practitioner in English Law as a lawyer, and a training and corporate communication specialist for Deloitte & KPMG (two the largest Consulting firms in the world). I have a diverse career (cross-functional in multi-industry) and social background, having lived in UK (Manchester) for several years, also having my roots (native / home country) in Sri Lanka, I believe I could bring-in a multitude of talent and skills to the table - that can be shared and benefited amongst the fellow students for the benefit of all and the broader good of the society through such initiatives this endeavour intends to achieve collectively.

Pontus Blomqvist

Department of Sociology of law

Hi, I am a masters student studying sociology of law here at Lund University. I am an avid reader who is seeking to understand how the social, political and economic spheres work, always looking to expand my knowledge. My hope is to be able to make a positive contribution to this world and I see unions as an excellent tool for this purpose. As I am a curious person with the belief that knowledge can make the world a better place I am determined to keep learning from others and hopefully be able to make a contribution myself.

Ye Jieying

Department of Sociology of law

As an international student, I wish to know more about the faculty's operation by attending the Representative Assembly. I would also like to participate in deciding my education and sharing my perspective with my fellow students. I have only been to the faculty for the first semester, but I'll do the best to make it a better place for us all!


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