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17th of October - 28th of October 2022

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Anna Tingdahl

School of social work

Jag är väldigt engagerad i min utbildning och drivs av en stark kunskapstörst men även engagemang till att bidra till en förbättrad utbildning. Med olika input, perspektiv och ideer vill jag vara med och påverka i syftet att göra utbildningen så pass jämställd, demokratisk och kvalitativ som möjligt.

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Taylor Waterstreet

Department of Sociology

Hello, I'm Taylor! In my time here in Lund, I have been blown away by how students are given the chance to take ownership of their education and improve the university experience through conversation with the faculty through their union. I am candidating for the Representative Assembly because I want to contribute to this conversation. If I am elected, it is my aim to be an active voice for positive change and represent the interests of both my fellow program students and my fellow international students.

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Sandra Wennerström

Department of Political Sciences

Hi! My name is Sandra and I'm in the third year of my bachelor's in Political Science. I've been active in the union's Event Committee 21/22 and a mentor in the Novice Period 2022. Currently, I'm a member of Arbetsmarknadskommittén. I wish to candidate for the RA because I want to be a part of the change and represent fellow social science students!

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Kathryn Dolan

Department of Political Sciences

I want to contribute to the practice of student democracy in the social sciences union:)

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Sho Sasaki

Gender studies, Political science

I am a new student in the Social Studies of Gender master’s program. I became a candidate for the representative assembly because I would like to be more active in the student union and support its work. As I played a similar role during my undergraduate years in Japan, student politics is not a new thing for me. Even though I am new in Lund, I will try to be more familiar with the student politics at Lund University, so that I can contribute to making the best decision for all the social sciences students here!

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Daniel Werner

Department of Psychology

I want for my programme to be a part of a broader collaboration of students working together to solve the problems that steal time and focus from our efforts to educate ourselves. My pet issue in this domain is Canvas. It's a tool that is kind of cluttered and slow at the moment but that could be great if we structured some joint demands for clarity in the form of a style guide. If you want the RA and eventually FuM to be focused on this kind of issue then you should put me in the RA. Also, a calculus of fairness says that the 400 person strong psykologprogrammet should have about two seats in a 31 person RA.

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Julia Lindstén

Department of Political Sciences

My name is Julia Lindstén and I am 21! Currently I am studying a bachelor in politics and economics with a major in political science. I started getting engaged in the Social Science Student Union this spring in the eventcommitée and I also became a marshal at the bal. Before the last RA I felt that I wanted to get more involved within the union and I then candidated for vice eventcoordinator. I got elected at RA and since then I have gotten alot of knowledge of the union and how it works. As well I have alot of experience from other studentorganisations in Lund which will be valuable for RA. I wish to become a member of RA because I want my voice to be heard and I want to help the union to get even better.

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Anaïs Le Pluart

Department of Sociology

I’ve been active for quite some time! This is my fourth year in Lund and at the union. Last year I was a fulltimer and that’s what makes me want to get involved this time to affect what happens the coming year.

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Fatima Sundberg

Department of Political Sciences

My name is Fatima and I’m putting my name in for the RA. I have a long history within organisational work through my political interest, through which I have worked towards a goal and an ideal with other like-minded people. With Samhällsvetarkåren and the other nominated I would love to work for a union that is inclusive, a safe space and something that supports those who need it most. Hope we see each other at the assembly in December:))

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Ida Engblom

School of social work

För mig är det viktigt att använda sin röst genom att engagera sig i viktiga frågor men även att stärka de röster som oftast inte får ta plats. Det är därför jag bland annat engagerat mig i socionomsektionen i snart ett år, för att använda mitt engagemang & röst men även stärka andras socionomer röster i viktiga frågor gällande vår utbildning. Detta vill jag nu utöka & det är därför jag vill kandidera för Representative Assembly.

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Edgar Darbinyan

Graduate School

Having been a Social sciences student at LU for five years, I have become well acquainted with the social science student union. I have a Bsc in political science and I am currently purusing a masters degree in Global Studies at Graduate school. Previously, I have been treasurer at the Amnesty student group in Lund as well as front manager at the UPF lecture committee. Given these previous experiences and my extensive interest in Social sciences in general, it would be a great honor to be able to give something back to the union and learn more about it.

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Viktor Sundt

Political science

I am a long-time active member of our beloved student union, and I am now running to be a part of the Representative Assembly to help make important strategic decisions for the student union. My previous experiences in the student union include: being a student representative (since 2019), being a study council chairperson, being a member of the Representative Assembly 4 times, being a member of the Nominating Council, and being the Vice President responsible for General Faculty Matters. With my experience, I want to contribute towards constructive discussions surrounding complex issues, such as "How should we reform the Representative Assembly structure?". I also wish to push for decisions that can further improve the Social Sciences Student Union's community & recruitment efforts, which I believe to be key strategic issues. I wholeheartedly agree with the student union's strategic values for 2022-2025, which say that the student union should prioritise creating FUN, COMMUNITY & SOLIDARITY. Vote for me if you do too!