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28th of March - 8th of April 2022

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Siddhi Mishra

Department of Sociology

Hi, my name is Siddhi and I'm in my first year of MSc. in Cultural Criminology. Being an active student within the Department during my Bachelors in India, I know how important it is for us to hear about the concerns of fellow students and peers. Furthermore, it is also very necessary to be in touch and contact with the faculty as well to understand how these concerns can be justified and solved promptly.

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Linnéa Dahl Edlund

Department of Sociology, department of Sociology of law

If I where to be elected as a represent for the Social Science Student Union, my main goal would be to contribute with as much happiness and engagement as I possibly could. I am a driven person that is easy to spend time with and I am especially interested in learning more about how I can use my good qualities in a way that benefit all other members of the Students Union. It would be a great honor for me to participate and affect the future of the Students Union and I look forward to a future collaboration.

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Patrycja Natołoczna

Department of Gender studies

Hello! My name is Patrycja Natołoczna, I was born and raised in Poland but came to Sweden to study in the Department of Gender Studies after finishing my Bachelor's in Social Work. I'm very excited to candidate for the Representative Assembly! :) I'm currently a student representative of the Graduate School board as well as an event committee member so I am very open and excited about joining other activities prepared by the union, such as the Assembly :)

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Saga Persson

Department of Political Sciences

Hello! My name is Saga, I'm 20 years old and study a bachelor's in political science. I have been a part of the social science union for the past months as head of organizational relations in SAMarbete. In my free time do I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching a good documentary or enjoying the lovely nature in Lund.

I am candidating for a place in the spring RA because I want to improve the social science union. During my time as an active member have I found things that have improvement potential and things that work great! It would be an amazing opportunity to lift these thoughts in a group of competent people.

In other organizations have I been a part of board meetings, planning events and making a meeting structure. These experiences make my thoughts valuable to this year's RA.

I would be very happy if you decide to give me a vote, for the opportunity to be a part of this year's RA! Have a wonderful day :D

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Lindsey Miller

Graduate School

I'm Lindsey, an international psychology master's student and fellow active member here at the union. The Social Sciences Union is a really special place that offers important opportunities to over 6000 students. I want to be a part of the Representative Assembly so I can help keep it that way.

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Vini Doshi

Department of Psychology

I am currently in my final semester of the Masters programme in Psychology. I became active with the Social Sciences Union in 2020 as the project leader for iProject where with the help of many active volunteers, we organised events and created resources to help international students connect with the Swedish Job market. Like most, I am an International student and am aware of issues and concerns related to studying at the University, especially as an international. Having interacted with and worked closely with students and the union, I would like to represent these views and opinions and suggest changes to the Strategic plans and implementation process for the year 2022.

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Ivette Nogués

Department of Human Geography

I'm a bachelor student of development studies who has been an active member of the Social Sciences Student Union since the beginning of my studies. My experience within the union comes mainly from the labor market committee, where I have been a member of two working groups, as well as a student representative for the BIDS program. I wish to be a candidate for the Representative Assembly because I want to act on behalf of all the social scientists at Lund University, taking part in the decisions that will help to improve the union and ensure that it has the students' best interests at heart.

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Vitus Mayr

Department of Human Geography, Graduate School

A Student Union is the advocate for our rights as students and must aim to achieve equality, democratisation, and freedom of sciences at our university. It is supposed to create safer spaces for students and organize a critical and diverse student community. I learnt how important it is to be a critical and self-confident voice within the mysterious (and sometimes rather doubtful) ways higher education works during my Bachelor’s in Germany. There, I had the privilege to serve as a member of the University’s board (Senate) advocating for a fully democratic education and research, fair conditions for students and teachers and the introduction of equality plans. I hope that my previous experience from another country and my curiosity on how the Swedish student unions work will go together nicely and enable me to be a constructive and active part of this term’s assembly. My name is Vitus, I'm 24 years old, Geographer, activist for social change, and an international student in Global Studies at Graduate School asking for your vote!

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Mathilde Rose

Department of Political Sciences

Hi! I'm Mathilde and I come from France. I've been in exchange in Lund since august 2021 and I study political science. I've been engaged in the student union since last semester as part of Iproject. I'm a candidate for the Representative Assembly to represent exchange students and bring my point of view from an erasmus student!

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Everett Christensen

Department of Psychology

My name is Everett Christensen. I am an international masters student of psychology. I am actively engaged with the student union as a members of the ball planning committee. Further, I am the president of LISP—the student association for international psychology students. I believe my experience in organizational management both in academia and professionally in the restaurant industry makes me a good fit for the representative assembly. I believe I can offer the unique perspective of international students at Lund University. Part of my goal as the president of LISP has been to cooperate with the student union to make events a welcoming and accessible environment for our diverse student community. I would love to continue working with this goal as a member of the RA!

DSC04496-01 - Y T.jpeg

Yuqi Tu

Department of Political Sciences

I'm Tu and I use pronouns they or tu~ I'm involved in both education and labour market matters in the union. Besides those involvements, I'm candidating also because I believe it's important to have a diverse representation of students in the RA. And I hope I can provide a perspective from someone outside the EU/EEA (doesn't have to be me tho!).   

I've been to multiple RAs but I don't think I've ever been to the ones in spring term where people get to decide the next round of the board and full-timers. The board and full-timers are essential for the everyday operations of the union. I would like to use my experiences in the union to help decide the most suitable candidates. 

In this RA, people will also need to decide on the revised version of the Opinion Programme, the document that dictates the student union’s opinions and standpoints on relevant issues. I hope I can help the rest of the group better understand the document with my experience in the union.

Regarding my profile picture, I didn't know if I should smile or be sad in front of such a statue during this time of history. Somehow I ended up looking angry. That does seem fitting. Anger motivates you to make changes. But I won't take too much of that energy to the RA, promised :)

Nour 6 - Nour Elgzyri.jpg

Nour Elgzyri

Department of Psychology

Hi! My name is Nour and I currently study freestanding courses in psychology. I have been an active member of the Student Union for the past two years, and worked a lot with the Labour market department. Taking freestanding courses means that I get to get to know a lot of different types of students, and it has helped me see the different perspectives of being a student under the social science faculty. I want to help improve the conditions for students, and make sure that our rights are being considered in all the decisions. I am looking forward to be able to help developing our Student Union.

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