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Milla Marzelius


Hi! My name is Milla Marzelius and I study my fourth term at the Political Bachelor’s programme. As your representative, I will fight for a modern and active student union with high ambitions for your studies and student life. I am especially passionate about guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for all students, which I believe is achieved by working with the list of rights, the university’s study environment and by using the union’s voice in LUS. The Social Science Union plays an important role in all of our student lives, some parts well known to the students, and some parts not as obvious. The union has great potential in far more areas than the ones we usually identify it with, which has been shown during the past year with for instance its popular novice weeks and bedazzling ball. I believe that the union can and should continue to raise its ambitions in areas concerning student politics, study environment and quality of education, as well as in its role as a social platform. We should be nothing less than a student union full of solidarity, student political demands and lots and lots of fun! I have previous been in the RA and know my way around its procedures. I Also have experience from being a student representative at the department board of political science as well as being a part of the board of LUPEF. In conclusion I believe that the combination of my love for steering documents, social gatherings and the Social Science Student Union makes me a great candidate for the RA. If you believe that I would be a good representative, I would be happy to have your vote. Thank you for reading!

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