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Sara Corinne Lüren


Hi! My name is Corinne Lürén and I’m currently studying Sociology of Law (Rättssociologi) as a freestanding course, my first semester in Lund, and am currently serving as a member of the Election Committee in our Student Union.
I believe that it is of the outmost importance to guarantee an equal and safe environment for all university students, regardless of their background. Lund is regarded as one of the most progressive and including universities in the whole of Europe, and I would consider myself very fortunate to help perpetuate that identity and work together further with the Social Sciences Union.
Given my background as both a foreigner and a Swedish citizen (with one foot inside the “Swedish student identity”, and one outside), I have been very lucky to be included in the Union regardless, and now I would like to give more, and hopefully to further help the people that are in the same position as I have been to influence their education.
What attracts me to the Student Union and Lund life in general is the camaraderie that exists among students, regardless of faculty (…most of the times) and the genuine desire to change and influence the status quo, and to keep moving forward while leaving nobody behind. I am very much looking forward to being a part of this amazing body of students!

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