The Representative Assembly 

The Representative Assembly (RA) consists of 31 ordinary members and 11 alternate members. The meeting takes place once per semester, with new elections before each one.

As part of the RA your work your main work load will occur over one weekend in which you will attend the fall meeting 9th and 10th of may. 

Before the meeting, documents will be sent out as preparation for all the decisions that are to be taken by the Representative Assembly. These are sent out 10 days before the meeting takes place. 


Discussions will focus on the issues raised in the agenda. Discussions can be held in an opinion square during the day or in the big group of all 31 members and present alternates. This will become more clear as the meeting is approaches.

Matters that will be discussed are elections to positions of trust, following up on the action plan, establishing a new political action plan and other issues for the Social Sciences Student Union.

Motions can be sent in to the RA by any member of the Social Sciences Student Union, but only members of the RA have the ability to vote on it. 

The formalities includes elected a meeting presidium, approving the call of the meeting, approving the agenda, electing protocol signers and vote counters.

Certain rules apply to decision-making. The rules can be majority vote, qualified majority, absolute majority or elections. You will learn about these rules and how they are used during the meeting and the preparatory meetings that are held beforehand. 

Throughout the meeting, food, coffee and fika is provided so that all members of the RA can focus on the matters raised. There will also be a sittning between the two meeting days.

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