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The Representative


What is the Representative Assembly (RA)?

The RA makes all the biggest decisions for the student union - what will we focus on, what should we change, who should we elect? Only the RA can decide these things. An ordinary meeting happens once per term, and an RA delegate sits for one term.

The RA consist of 31 ordinary members and 11 alternate members. Both the ordinary and alterante members are expected to be present at the meeting and discuss the diffrent matters, however only the ordinary members are allowed to vote. The alternate members needs to be ready to step in to an ordinary member position if needed.  

When is the Representative Assembly (RA)?

The RA occurs one weekend per semester.  This autumn semester 2023, the RA takes place the 2nd-3rd of December.  

What does it mean to apply to the RA?

Applying to the RA means that you have opinions on the work and function of your student union and want to have those opinions heard. You don't need to be a politician, you don't need any previous experience. The only thing an RA delegate needs is an opinion.


Why should I consider applying?

Political power not enough of a selling point? We get it.
All our RA delegates become active members with us, which means a
lot of perks. VIP invitation to our ball, active kit full of freebies, exclusive invitation to our active events!

What happens after I apply?

 When the election opens, anyone who is a member of the student union can vote for the delegates they think will do the best job. Every delegate is welcome to encourage their classmates, coursemates, and friends to vote- the more voters we have the more democratic the results. If you are elected then congratulations, you are an official RA delegate!


What is the workload?

The RA meeting is held one weekend and it is important that you can participate during the whole time. The meeting is in usual work hours, and delegates get food, fika, and coffee provided as a thank you the whole weekend.

Before the meeting, documents and an agenda will be sent out as preparation for all the decisions that are to be taken by the Representative Assembly. These are sent out 2 weeks before the meeting takes place. There will also be some preparatory event such as opinion squares and a workshop about how the meeting is conducted. This events are optional but recommended.

Wait, my friend would be great at this...

Then nominate them! Some of our most engaged RA delegates have been nominated by someone else who saw they were perfect for this role, or who was applying themselves and wanted to take the RA experience with a friend. A nominated person can always turn down the opportunity to be elected, so if you have someone in mind let us know! 

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