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Charlie Nilsson


Hi! My name is Charlie Nilsson and I am currently studying economics as part of my second term of the Politices programme. During my year as a student at Lund University I have grown passionate about student associations and all different forms of student representation. Therefore, I am proud to say that I recently earned a position of trust as vice president of my own student association, LUPEF. To me, taking an active part in the student union means not only having the privilege to influence my own time as a student, but also the opportunity to create a better university experience for future students. That is why I want to candidate for a position as student representative in the general assembly. I hope that it will give me the opportunity to not only offer representation for the members of LUPEF, but for everyone studying social sciences at Lund University. As vice president of LUPEF I hope I will be able to offer the assembly valuable insight into the union’s largest association, as well as a qualified perspective on the issues currently facing the assembly and the union. I hope to earn your trust as a student representative and that you will offer me an opportunity to help create a better student union for each and every one of us!

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