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The election is open
March 27th - April 7th

Agnes Enterman

Department of Sociology

PiL - Ordförande PiL.jpeg

I became motivated to candidate after a nomination to the RA. As the sitting chairman of PiL (Personalvetare i Lund), I think it sounds very exciting to be able to influence what Samhällsvetarkåren will be focusing on in the future. I believe it is important that there is a great variety of people from different programs in the RA and therefor I wish to represent my program HR. I also hope that my candidacy will get more people from HR motivated to get involved in Samhällsvetarkåren.

Stephanie Ekenberg

Service management and service studies

83C59C43-E796-4242-A587-00B555A87DD0 - Stephanie Ekenberg.JPG

My name is Stephanie, I am 24 years old and I am currently studying my second year in the bachelor's program Service Management at Campus Helsingborg. I am applying for this position because I am a person that does have a lot of opinions, and I believe I can bring different perspectives to the table. One perspective is that I both study and live in Helsingborg, and another perspective is Agora, where I am currently Head of Projects in the board. I am also driven by the fact that I want to be involved in influencing the future of the Social sciences student union.

Viktor Henriksson

Sociology of law

20220919_164631 - Event Committee Samhällsvetaråren.jpg

I have a bachelor's in criminology and I'm now studying my master's in sociology of law. I want to be able to influence the union and its work to make the the study time at Lund's university as fun and rewarding as possible 🧑‍🎓

Daniella Andersson

Political science, Sociology

Daniella Andersson 3b beskärd - Daniella Andersson.jpg

I have been active in the student union for a few years now. I have worked with both organisational questions (for example in the board) and student politics (SFS delegate). I have been to a few RAs in different roles (as both an RA member and when I was in the board). Having been active for a few years, I have heard many perspectives on the most important questions in the student union. I want to bring these with me to the next RA and share them so that we, together, can make well-grounded decisions. We need both new ideas and stability, so hopefully you will vote for both an experienced candidate (like me) and one with some great new ideas! Thank you for reading my candidacy and for voting in the RA-elections!

Anna Talko

Political science

Logo Samvetet_edited.jpg

My name is Anna and I study Development Studies here at Lund. I'm applying for the RA because I believe it is really important for us as the students of social sciences to be involved in our unions actions and I would like to take part in the decision process as well.

Kajsa Nilestoff

Service management and service studies

B347244D-CFFE-4AB1-90C6-DFBE96011D79 - Utbildning Agora Student.jpeg

Hi! My name is Kajsa and I’m currently a part of Agora’s board as head of education. I was very excited when I got nominated and couldn’t be happier with it. I want to have an impact on the upcoming year because it’s my last one as a student on Lunds university and I also want to represent the faculty in Helsingborg.

Alina Gineityte

Political science

Logo Samvetet_edited.jpg

My name is Alina and I currently study a third year of Development Studies here at Lund. My reason to apply for the RA isbecause I believe it is importan for the students to be engaged in our union and I would like to present my ideas there as well :)

Josefine Gren

Service management and service studies

8D846C0D-DBD5-4500-BADD-1BF63FB20858 - Ordförande Agora Student.jpeg

Hi! My name is Josefine Gren. I’m studying my fourth term at service management, health. Since start I’ve been active in Agora, a section of the Social science Student Union, located at Campus Helsingborg. Since July I’ve had the honor to be the president of Agora and to be a part of the representative assembly would be a great chance to meditate Agora’s perspective on different decisions.

Viktor Sundt

Political science

IMG_2399 - Viktor Sundt.JPG

Dear social scientists, My name is Viktor Sundt and I am studying Peace and Conflict studies. I have been involved in the student union for almost 4 years, and have been a Member of the RA several times before. I am passionate about the advocacy the student union performs in order to improve our education and improve the conditions for students. I want to be a part of the Representative Assembly because I want to help make good decisions that will provide the student union with the best possible conditions for fulfilling its mission. Currently, I am the chair of the student union's Education Committee and a student representative to the Education Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences. From these roles, I can contribute with insight to the Representative Assembly about the state of education matters at our faculty (and beyond), which will come in handy for example when we decide upon what issues the student union should focus on in our advocacy for the next year. I have also before been a Vice President responsible for General Faculty Matters in the student union. With that experience, I also feel confident that I'll be able to contribute to discussions regarding potential changes to the steering documents of the student union, and ask relevant questions to those who candidate for board and full-timer positions.

Best regards, Viktor

Lenny Orazulike

Political science

Lenny - App Invento.jpeg

Hej everyone, I am Lenny and I am a 21 year old exchange student who currently studies in Lund. I major in political science and have very quickly started to become active in Lunds student life, by becoming a foreman in my Nation. Now after I have seen the nation part of student life, I am excited to learn more about our student union and to help shape it and to offer my perspective by becoming a student representative. Best regards and see you around ;) Lenny

Sanela Lulic

Political science, Psychology

Logo Samvetet_edited.jpg

Hi I am Sanela. Been active a while before I leave the faculty I want to contribute with my experience a last time.

Syeeda Raisa Maliha

Service management and service studies

Logo Samvetet_edited.jpg

I am an international student, from Bangladesh, currently doing an MSc. Programme in Sustainable Service Management at Lund University (Helsingborg campus). My goal in life has always been doing something that leaves a positive imprint on the world. Financial incentives are important, but I don’t want that to be the main aspect of my career, or my life. Ever since I came to Sweden, I have noticed many international students express their frustration and heard stories about their struggles. I wish to become a representative for them so that others can understand the problems they are going through and help them.

Nicole Facile




I study development studies with a major in Sociology. I love being active in my community and meeting new people. I am a hard worker with great communication skills, i am fluent in english and and semi fluent in swedish. I am great at taking charge and helping people with any problems they have! I would love to help out in any way you would need!

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